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For over 35 years The IPS Group has been helping Australian businesses, both big and small, stay protected against all eventualities. Our complete range of insurance soutions combined with our experience means you can continue to grow knowing IPS has you covered.

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What is business insurance?

A business takes years to build – but an accident or disaster could destroy it all in minutes. That’s why businesses should help protect themselves with a quality business insurance pack. With the right cover in place, owners can run their business with confidence, knowing that their premises, stock and equipment are protected by insurance.

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About us

The IPS Group offers a full spectrum of financial services for individuals, small to medium businesses, and large corporations.

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What We Do

From business insurance protection to complex wealth-creation strategies to smarter financial management.

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Pillars of Success

A unique drive and dedication to provide financial services in action, whether you require Insuring or Financial Planning.

Stay Protected with Business Insurance from IPS Group

You may have spent a lifetime building your business or about to launch your dream career – either way you need to protect your investment. 

Unfortunately, despite our best intentions, accidents happen every day. If something happens to you, your staff, contractors, clients, the building you work in or the equipment you use to build your income – it is vital you are protected. We will spend time with you assessing your business risks and requirement to enable us tailor a policy  that best suit your needs.  The type of industry will determine largely the policy that will best represent your needs.



Protecting your Business now and in the future.

Running a business is stressful, and you don't want a calamity to harm your income. Get proper business insurance. We're pleased to discuss your demands and offer a solution that meets them at a fair price. We can help with business insurance.

Who should consider it?

Business owners can benefit from taking out an affordable and comprehensive business insurance pack to help protect them against the main risks involved in running a business.


Are you a doctor, lawyer, accountant, architect, real estate agent, or some other kind of professional? We can protect you or your business with our a range of Business Insurance options that take all your personal circumstances into account.

Hospitality & Retail

You take pride in brewing delicious coffee and preparing delectable dishes for your family and friends. Running a traditional bricks and mortar store or even selling online.
Your company can be safeguarded with our comprehensive business insurance coverage.

Business Interruption


If an unanticipated insured occurrence, such as a weather event or fire, forces you to close your business premise, this type of insurance will compensate you for missed income, profits, or turnover.


This policy will pay to replace any cash that was taken from your place of business while it was open for business, outside of business hours, while it was locked in a safe or strongroom, while it was in transit, or while it was in your care at a private house.

Cyber Insurance


A good cyber insurance policy from The IPS Group will protect your business from all types of cyber crime. This insurance policy can cover more than just the obvious risks of loss or theft. 


Coverage for losses incurred as a result of the theft of property insured from your commercial premises, such as your inventory or your equipment.

We Specialise in Protecting You

We specialise in protecting you. We will study your circumstances and then advise you on the right insurance solutions for your precise needs, including protection for your staff, contractors, clients, your building or your equipment.

Whether your company is a large, national organisation looking for top-end corporate insurance or you’re a small business concerned about shielding your income from accidents, we’ll first analyse your precise needs, then tailor the ideal solution by accurately sourcing the correct insurance protection, and then provide the professional advice you need to make sure you have all the protection you need. Whatever the future may hold.

Trades Trade and Constuction Insurance


You take a number of precautions to keep yourself safe while you're working as a tradesperson. Remember to take precautions to safeguard your company as well. Our Business Insurance provides the protections need to do precisely that.

Public Liability Insurance


By purchasing public liability insurance, you can safeguard both your personal finances and the financial future of your company from lawsuits alleging that you were careless in some way, causing injury to another person or damaging their property.

Professional Indemnity



Protect your storefront by purchasing insurance that will pay for any unintentional damage that occurs to the glass at your location, as well as any costs associated with temporary security measures that are necessary to keep your company secure while the glass is being repaired or replaced.

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Like people, no two businesses are identical. Whatever your requirements, we’ll get you the right business insurance for your company.
Let us be your insurance brokers. Use our experience, knowledge and guidance to make sure you have the business insurance protection your company needs to ensure your investment and your income is shielded, whatever comes your way.

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