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You've worked hard for your money, and you want to make sure it lasts throughout your retirement. It's no secret that Australians are living longer than ever before, but this extended lifespan also comes with increased financial risks.

The IPS Group offers a complete range of tailored financial planning solutions to help you overcome these risks and secure your future. With over 35 years of experience, we're the experts in ensuring your money works as hard for you as you do for it.

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  • Retirement Planning

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Why choose The IPS Group?

We’ve spent decades developing the wealth creation strategies and income protection plans you need to maximise and preserve your earnings. Our financial planning experience and knowledge can help you to shield your current income, create new income streams, optimise your retirement planning and create an investment portfolio for building your wealth. This all begins with the right plan.

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About us

The IPS Group offers a full spectrum of financial services for individuals, small to medium businesses, and large corporations.

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What We Do

From business insurance protection to complex wealth-creation strategies to smarter financial management.

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Pillars of Success

A unique drive and dedication to provide financial services in action, whether you require Insuring or Financial Planning.

Financial Planning for Business Strategic Plannning, Forecasting and Tax Management

Our team has previous expertise in planning. Our method of strategic planning involves conducting an analysis of the characteristics of the company and developing plans that are geared at maximising growth in an economic and political environment that is always shifting. The owners and managers of businesses have a responsibility to recognise both positive and negative trends as well as vital indications. We will assist you in determining these key performance indicators (KPIs) in order to maximise your cash flow, ensure that your obligations are met on time, and encourage prompt repayments.



Growing your wealth

IPS Group has long been considered as the go-to local financial advisers in Perth. We are one of the most experienced and customer-oriented financial planners due to the wide range of services we give – we are available to supply whatever accounting support our clients require.

Wealth Creation

IPS Group is a leader in giving clients with step-by-step strategic advice, which has enabled a large number of clients to pay off their mortgages early and gain far more money than they would have if they had continued on the path they were on.

Retirement Planning

We do an in-depth study of your current financial condition and talk with you and your family about the life goals you have for your family. We will provide you with strategic advice as well as particular financial activities that will help you achieve your objective of a successful retirement.


Making investments with a clear mind and an eye to the future is one of the most significant things you can do to achieve your life objectives. This is one of the most critical things you can do to bring your life objectives to fulfilment, regardless of where you are in the process of establishing your Financial Game Plan or Retirement Roadmap.

Insurance Advice

We advise you on how to protect your family and yourself through insurance. This coverage for you, your spouse, and your children can provide you peace of mind if you become paralysed, contract a catastrophic sickness, or lose your job at any time throughout your life.

Business insurance

Key person insurance: A lump sum payment to a business or spouse in the event of death within a business relationship. Business expenses: Risk insurance designed for small businesses to cover running costs (rent, phones, staff wages for example) if you’re unable to work

Personal insurance

Life insurance: a lump sum payment in case of death. Total permanent disablement: Lump sum payment in the event of the insured being totally and permanently disabled. Income protection: Regular income if work is impossible due to illness or injury. Trauma cover: Lump sum cover for a range of specified critical illnesses  

Protecting your wealth

Unforeseen expenses, accidents and changes in circumstance are facts of life. They can’t always be avoided but their impact can be immensely reduced by having the right financial protection in place. We specialise in providing our clients with the financial advice that ensures their financial health when the unexpected happens.

Living on your wealth

It’s common knowledge that superannuation is only the minimum you need when you’re planning retirement. With the right investment strategies, your retirement can be a time that you can look forward to, knowing that your income is secured.

Superannuation & SMSF

It is critical for an individual or group of persons to have a well-thought-out retirement plan in order to maximise the possibility that they will meet their financial goals. Our competent SMSF techniques have been guided by years of experience in taxation, auditing, accounting, corporate tax, consulting, financial counselling, and investment management.

Estate Planning

As part of Estate Planning, it is critical to guarantee that the assets of the estate are transferred to the proper persons in the case of your or a loved one's death. In most situations, this is done concurrently with a financial health check on the organisation.

Retirement Planning

We do an in-depth review of your current financial condition and meet with you and your family to discuss the life objectives you have for your home. We will provide you with strategic advice as well as specific financial activities that will get you closer to your objective of a prosperous retirement.

Financial Advice and Experience You Can Trust

Planning your money doesn't imply limiting yourself. Our team of qualified, experienced financial advisers at IPS Group wants you to succeed. Our experienced team can help with budgeting, cash flow management, investments, insurance, superannuation, loans, and estate preparation. We do all of this. We want to know your goals and what's stopping you from making more money. We pledge to do whatever we need to while enjoying life. Money shouldn't imply compromises.

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