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Our streamlined personal super services are designed to assist you in making informed choices about your money. To help you reach your financial goals, we take the time to learn about your unique situation, limits, and priorities.

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Why Get Superannuation Advice?

You may consider your retirement benefit to be a portion of your pay that is off-limits to you. However, keep in mind that it is your money and that it will only be held until the time that you retire. The primary goal of superannuation is to facilitate the accumulation of a retirement savings fund, which may then be leveraged for additional income in later years (or semi-retirement).

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About us

The IPS Group offers a full spectrum of financial services for individuals, small to medium businesses, and large corporations.

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What We Do

From business insurance protection to complex wealth-creation strategies to smarter financial management.

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Pillars of Success

A unique drive and dedication to provide financial services in action, whether you require Insuring or Financial Planning.

Peronsal Super Services Tailored to You

We are qualified to provide you with advice on the most effective plan to maximise the benefits you receive from your superannuation. You may make the most of the money you save for retirement by working with us to select the retirement plan that is most suitable to your circumstances. You will be able to construct a customised retirement plan with the aid of IPS Financial Solutions, which will guarantee that you will have more money in retirement than is necessary to retire in comfort.



Full range of superannuation offerings

At IPS Group, our knowledgeable staff will look at your personal situation to help you understand your responsibilities and the rules and laws that govern how a superannuation plan works. You can count on us to keep you up to date on the latest changes to the rules that affect your retirement investments.

Tax Effective Super

What is the tax effectiveness of super? The majority of individuals can save far more if they save via their super than if they save the same amount elsewhere. Your employer's contributions (up to a specific ceiling) and any profits on your retirement savings are taxed at a maximum of 15% rather than your marginal tax rate, which may be as high as 46.50%.

Contributions Advice

Contributions are money deposited into a pension plan. There are pre-tax and post-tax donations. Both providing methods are acceptable (non-concessional contributions).
Concessional donations are tax-free. These contributions are taxed at 15% (30% if you make over $300,000), which may be less than your marginal tax rate. Non-deductible contributions aren't taxed.
Both sorts of donations have age-based constraints.

Superannuation Growth

Investing in superannuation can result in both growth and tax savings. You may not owe tax depending on your age and wealth. Our Perth superannuation advisors can give you with tailored advice. We put your financial goals ahead of the bank's earnings. Our purpose is to use our financial planning skills to help you achieve your financial goals. IPS Financial Solutions assists you in the management of your assets, budget, and retirement plans.

Improving Your Superannuation

More than two-thirds of Australians hope they could retire to a better way of life than they have today. This demonstrates that more has to be done. As a result, it's in your best advantage to begin saving for retirement as soon as possible. According to the Lost Super Report, around three-quarters of people wish they had taken better care of their superpowers when they were younger.

General Advice and Compliance

Information Regarding Fund Administration in General. We are available to respond to any general SMSF-related inquiries you may have. Compliance with the SIS Act and SIS Regulations Assuring that your yearly fund audit is completed and submitted on time, and that you are able to pass the "sole purpose" requirement for SMSFs.

Retirement and Pension Advice

In addition, IPS Financial Solutions can assist you in creating a customised retirement plan that will give you confidence that you'll be able to live comfortably in your golden years. Allow us to guide you through the maze of retirement financial possibilities so that you can live comfortably in your golden years.

Making sense of superannuation

The laws governing pension funds are complex and difficult to understand. Our seasoned experts will evaluate your specific circumstances and assist you in comprehending your duties, as well as the rules and legislation that regulate the most suitable super structure for you.

SMSF from The IPS Group

Our Superannuation Division provides simple, cutting-edge tools to help you manage your self-managed super fund (SMSF). Our SMSF accountants and superannuation professionals will help you with every element of your SMSF. SMSFs replace traditional superannuation funds. DIY funds are created to gain investing control and flexibility. SMSFs are customised asset-building and succession vehicles that can provide tax-efficient income streams to retirees. Their low tax rate of up to 15% encourages investors and business owners to save more for retirement. Creating an SMSF may be easy, but maintaining ongoing compliance and regulatory tasks requires expertise. IPS Group's superannuation services help you manage compliance costs and move forwards. SMSFs aren't for everyone and should only be considered for large funds. Please let us know if you need further information on its use. Contact a Perth SMSF accountant now. In some circumstances, we can arrange you a financial advisor.

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