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It makes sense to secure your home and possessions as they are some of your most valuable investments. If something goes wrong, home and contents insurance will pay to replace or repair your house and your possessions. You may discover the ideal home insurance plan and quickly receive a price online with the aid of IPS Group.

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Home and contents insurance from IPS Group

Home insurance can protect you from financial risk if your home is damaged or destroyed and can also cover your home’s contents if they are damaged, lost or stolen. You can take out cover for specific listed events only or for wider accidental damage cover, depending on your needs.

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The IPS Group offers a full spectrum of financial services for individuals, small to medium businesses, and large corporations.

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From business insurance protection to complex wealth-creation strategies to smarter financial management.

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We Specialise in Protecting You

We know how to keep you safe. We will look at your situation and then give you advice on the best insurance options for you and your family, as well as for your building and its contents. Whether you're adding to your portfolio or buying your first home, we'll first figure out what your exact needs are. Then, we'll find the best solution by finding the right insurance coverage and give you professional advice to make sure you have all the protection you need.

What does Home and Contents cover?

If your home and its contents were damaged or destroyed in a natural disaster or accident, or all your valuables were stolen, could you afford to replace them? If not, steadfast home insurance can help. Home & contents insurance can even protect you against legal liability if someone is injured or killed on your property.

Home Insurance

Your home is protected from threats such as flooding, fire, explosion, and natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, or lightning strikes, as well as damage caused by vandalism or break-ins, as well as responsibility to third parties, when you have homeowners insurance.

Contents Insurance

Your precious assets, such as furniture, electrical products, white goods, sporting equipment, and jewellery, can be repaired or replaced if they are stolen or destroyed if you have contents insurance. This type of insurance protects your valued possessions.

Who's it for?

Who should think about building and contents insurance for their home? Could you afford to replace your home and everything in it if it was damaged, burned down, or your things were stolen? If you said "no," you should think about getting Home Building and Contents Insurance. Whether you rent, own, or have a mortgage on your home or an investment property, you should find out how this cover could protect you.

Call us today to assess Home Insurance options

If you choose us as your insurance brokers, we'll put our years of experience, in-depth knowledge of the industry, and helpful service to work for you to make sure your home, investment property, or portfolio is well protected in case something unexpected happens. No matter what criteria you give, we will research the market to find the homeowner's insurance policy and personal property coverage that fits your needs.

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