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Our team has over 35 years of insurance expertise and is familiar with your requirements. We partner with reputable Australian insurers who are authorised to provide professional indemnity insurance. Our goal is to provide you with assistance and advice so that your business is sufficiently protected.

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  • Professional Indemnity

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Anyone can make errors, but the implications may be highly costly for your organisation if it is found liable for negligence. In addition to this, it may do irreversible damage to the reputation of your firm and result in an expensive legal battle. Because of this, having professional indemnity insurance is quite important; it can protect the assets of your company as well as its reputation in the event that a customer sues you as a result of the advice you provided to them.

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Professional Indemnity

Some professions, such as medical, accounting, law, and financial planning, require professional indemnity insurance. The rules differ from one state to the next. Even though it isn't needed by law, it's still a good idea for graphic designers, IT consultants, and other professionals who provide professional services or advice for a price. Even if it is not needed by law, a consumer will frequently insist on this coverage.

Who is it for?

If you provide advice or a paid service, consider Professional Indemnity Insurance. Consultants, accountants, lawyers, architects, building surveyors, and beauticians need professional indemnity insurance. Plumbers, roofers, and electricians need professional indemnity insurance to provide property reports. Protect your business from the financial expense of any lawsuit and the legal costs to fight it.

What does this Insurance cover?

The primary purpose of professional indemnity insurance is to provide cover for liability arising from a breach of professional duty.
Depending on your policy, professional indemnity insurance can cover:

  • Liability for Damage as a result of negligent advice
  • Legal costs including any awarded against you
  • Claim Investigation Costs
  • Unintentional infringement of intellectual property rights
  • Public Relations / Crisis Management costs
  • Defamation

Professional Indemnity Insurance provides broad protection for your business in the event of a professional liablity claim.

What's not covered

Exclusions, the excess you need to pay and limits of liability can vary greatly depending on your
insurer. Policies generally won’t include cover for:

  • Commercial liabilities
  • Liabilities which results from fraud and dishonesty
  • Pollution
  • Unpaid fees

How can IPS Group Help?

We can provide various quotations since we collaborate with trustworthy insurance firms and have access to non-public policies. We'll help you compare coverage to get the best option. We'll explain the differences and similarities between new and renewal estimates in plain English. As a service provider, you encounter many risks that a professional indemnity coverage can mitigate.



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